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ABTravel is a Non-Profit travel agency. Experience an unforgettable vacation to Indonesia, while give back to the local community.


Your wonderful Indonesian Experience starts with flying To Indonesia with Garuda Indonesia, awarded world’s best cabin crew for the the fourth consecutive year You will stay in highly selected hotels or resorts on Bali and Lombok. Our local guides are well trained and know the best and most beautiful spots on the island.


SMK Anak Bangsa 
(Vocational High School) Forced by poverty many children drop out from school after junior high school. Their parents can’t afford to pay senior high school because the costs are very high. These children have no choice but to work at a young age. Without diploma’s there is less hope on a brighter future to get a good paid job. The circle of poverty remains intact. To solve this problem, Anak Bangsa opened in July 2015 a vocational high school (tourism). This school is free for all underprivileged children and is included uniforms, bags, books etc. In this way the children can finish their school and study without their parents have to worry about the costs.

Family Economy Empowerment 
To strengthen the family economy and break the cycle of poverty the Foundation helps families to set up their own small business. Through a close cooperation with the Indo- nesian government Anak Bangsa already helped over 500 families.


Child Social Welfare Program
Since 2011 Anak Bangsa works closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs to help 5 categories of underprivi- leged children; Street children, abandoned children, aban- doned babies, children with special needs (disabled children) and children facing the law. This cooperation covers the basic social needs of children like; healthcare, education, nutrition and legal assistance.

After School Care
To prevent underprivileged are going to the street to work, collect plastic or beg for money, Anak Bangsa provides after school care. Children from 7 until 18 years can come to the foundation to join the life skill classes like: English language class, sewing, computer, handicraft, music and sports. They can make their homework, play with their friends or just share their stories with the social pedagogic workers. They can be a child again without have to worry about adult issues. The children are picked up at home after school and brought to the foundation.

Other programs
Providing good education is important for the future of the child. Creating a healthy living environment is important for the development of the child. Therefore Anak Bangsa does many village projects like: renovation of roofs, building houses, wells, bathrooms but also sharing food packages, providing free dental check-ups, cleft lip surgery etc.


The Anak Bangsa Foundation is
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